Software Application

Software applications for the operational management of discontinuous cycle machinery in dye-works 



The use of “hardware” that is secure, powerful and always upgraded with current technology that rapidly evolves is guaranteed by use of standard equipment that is easily available in any part of the world.
We have created a series of software applications to install on the chosen equipment, which are suitable for management of a wide range of machinery in dye-works with a discontinuous cycle.
“PowerDyeing” applications are always manufactured and tested to ensure they are used to their full potential and inside have a series of technological functions that help operators manage the machinery they automate to their best.
Our technical office deals with maintaining and supporting all the “PowerDyeing” software applications and always updating them with new functions and characteristics. The advantage of using “PowerDyeing” ensures certain automation of the machine with optimised functions to make the work cycles simpler and more efficient,  having a series of data available for processing relating to the monitoring systems and the possibility of connecting the automation to systems provided by third parties, in the most open and transparent way possible.





SI-DyeTECH is not only an IT tool used to manage production work, but also a method to easily and naturally follow the efficiency of modern, industrial dye-works
Si-DyeTECH is a s.c.a.d.a. (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) with a series of connected controllers (HMI and PLC) from which information and data arrive and for which data are equally provided that instruct, organise, manage and control a series of machines


“Progress Production Manager”


The Progress Production Manager software module is a production progress manager for the modern dyehouses and textile finishing industry.
It is a system that can be implemented and used on any company management system: it includes all the requirements that allow computerised connection to acquire, process and send data.
Its connection in the company network can take place separately from direct connection to the production machinery, but maximum use is made when directly connected to the production machinery.


“SI-Dyetech RECIPE”: recipe creation for dye-works

SI-DyeTECH RECIPE is an application designed to manage each auxiliary liquid chemical, powder or liquid dyes, granular products (salt, sulphate, carbonate, …). With this module, the operator manages the warehouse and the characteristics of the products, the information regarding safety, the document print-outs and data export for connection to management systems (company ERP).
The module allows writing and management of Basic Recipes for “reactives”, disperse, acid, etc. ..The structure–recipe includes information on clients, items and colour, as well as the classification necessary to send to automatic systems (dosage and weighing of powder), semi-automatic systems (controlled weighing) and robotic systems in general.


“SI-DyeTECH WEIGHING”: the right weight


SI-DyeTECH WEIGHING is an application for controlled weighing of powder dyes. It is connected to the centralised system, the recipe creation system, the barcode recognition system, the electronic scales, perfectly integrated for data exchange within the management system.
A simple system, suitable for any dye-works and at the same time, safe, reliable and economical.